Deeds of Variation

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Deeds of Variation allow an individual to pass some or all of an inheritance they have received on to someone else, and the recipient will be treated, for tax purposes, as it they inherited it directly from the deceased. This can often save clients thousands in inheritance tax.

A Deed of Variation can be made both where a Will has been left or alternatively where a person dies intestate.

As long as the variation is completed within two years from the date of death, the inheritance tax and capital gains tax position will be adjusted to follow the variation.

Often a Deed of Variation is used upon a client inheriting assets e.g from a parent if they are financially stable and keeping the inheritance may make them susceptible to paying care fees or inheritance tax on their death then they may wish for the legacy to by-pass them and go to their children.

Should the legacy go from the inheriting individual to their child(ren) by way of a gift and you subsequently pass away within the 7 years of making the gift then this gift could be liable to inheritance tax. Through completing a Deed of Variation, the liability to inheritance tax ceases immediately and prevents the estate being taxed again on their death. Therefore, reducing or sometimes even eliminating a capital gain.

A Deed of Variation can also be used to change the beneficiary to a charity or to help any uncertainly within a Will. An individual may want to make a gift to charity to ensure that the gift does not attract inheritance tax. Where the deceased has made a contribution of 10% or more to charity then the remainder of the estate benefits from a lower rate of inheritance tax at 36%.

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