We are one of the key London law firms providing specialist advice in immigration law. Our immigration experts are committed to providing high quality and comprehensive service for both corporate and individual clients. This covers a full range of applications to enter or remain in the U.K. We have a dedicated department dealing specifically with high net worth clients and provide services in the following areas:

Ansham White Solicitors are able to advise you on the types of visas that will permit you enter or remain into the UK. Our immigration solicitors have expertise in advising you in meeting the requirements to ensure that your application is successful. The following visas are a number of ways of which you can have access into the UK:


Visitors are persons seeking to enter predominately to visit other individuals who are residing in the UK. This visa is only valid for a period of 6 months, and must show that there is an intention to leave when the period of 6 months expires. The individual must show that they are financially secure and will be provided with sufficient accommodation and welfare. As a visitor, you are not required to enrol at an educational establishment as a student or run a business which would incur tax charges. Additionally, the visitor must not marry or form in a civil partnership in the UK and receive private medical treatment.


If you’re coming into the UK as a student, you must only intend to study and are required to leave at the end of your studies unless your circumstances change and you apply to vary your leave. Persons coming in to the UK on a student visa must demonstrate an intention to leave the UK when their visa expires. Where the student wishes to stay longer than the allocated time period, they are able to make an application as a Tier 4 General Migrant under a points based system.

Business Visitors

A person who is entering into the UK on a business visa must show that they have the intention in leaving the UK at the end of the 6 month visa period. Certain requirements must be met in order to gain a business visa such as having enough funds to pay for accommodation. You should also note that business visitors are only able to engage in certain activities such as arranging board meetings. Our Immigration Team can advise you further on the requirements and permitted activities granted under a Business Visa.


If your application is subject to an appeal or the Home Office has informed you that you will be removed from the UK our Solicitors can set out in detail the options available to you. An appeal can also be made if the decision made by the Home Office contravenes the 1951 United Nations Convention in regards to refugees or if we can ascertain that the decision was not in line with the law or immigration rules and if the immigration rules allowed the person who made the decision to exercise his/her own judgment on the circumstances of a case and his/her judgment should have been exercised differently. Solicitors at Ansham White have had a high success rate in dealing with appeal applications, alongside other immigration matters.

Spousal Visas

If you wish to bring your spouse or civil partner /fiancé to join you or remain in the UK, our expert team of immigration solicitors can assist you in this process. For a free chat and full criteria that needs to be met, please call one of our immigration advisors.

Judicial Review

If you decide to disagree with a decision made by the court, we can assist you in opting for judicial review. A time limit is required in this application, whereby you must submit the form within 3 months of when the decision had been made. However, if you have been given a statutory right of appeal, you cannot resort to the process of judicial review.

At Ansham White Solicitors our expert immigration solicitors team in Harrow, can provide you and your loved ones with simple immigration solutions. 

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