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When a Muslim couple enters a Nikah ceremony in the UK in the absence of a civil legal ceremony, although they are Islamically married they are not legally married. The rights and responsibilities applied to legally married couples in England and Wales will not be the same for a couple who are only Islamically married.  Therefore, they will not receive the same legal benefits of being married, and it is important to understand how such differences could affect them legally.

We at Ansham White Solicitors ensure Muslim clients have a full understanding of the different processes involved both before entering into an Islamic marriage, and in the event that the relationship breaks down and the couple decide to divorce.  

Having a clearer picture of the law and their options gives clients the confidence to make the right decisions that fit comfortably with the values and principles of Islam.  We are able to assist both Muslim men and women, and can discuss matters in English, French , Urdu, Hindi , Gujerati or Punjabi. 

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