What is a consent order?

A consent order is sought to explicitly explain your financial agreement as to how you would like to divide your matrimonial assets following your divorce or the dissolving of your civil partnership. It will allow you to make a clean financial break from your ex-partner. This could include money, property, income, pensions and even child […]

How Does A High-Net-Worth Divorce Work?

The Assets Divorce is difficult for any couple and their children. In cases where the couple has accumulated significant wealth over the length of a long marriage, these can add an additional layer of complexity. At Ansham White Solicitors, our aim is to achieve good outcomes for our clients that will benefit them in both […]

How to get a Death Certificate?


A Death Certificate is a document which can be obtained after a death has been registered in the UK. A Death Certificate is a necessary requirement before dealing with an individual’s estate or for funeral arrangements. If an individual has passed away in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, the death needs to be registered within […]

Why should you consider a professional executor for your Will?


One of the most important decisions when writing a will is deciding who to appoint as an executor. Therefore, it is important to choose someone you can trust and someone who will be able to handle the legal and practical responsibilities of the role. The role of an executor can be time – consuming and […]